Lead Scoring

Employ AI to find and prioritize leads with high conversion potential, and seamlessly integrate these predictions with your CRM to optimize conversion rates, time-to-close, and revenue growth.

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Forget handcrafted rules, maximize conversion with AI

Don’t rely on handcrafted rules and gut feelings for your modern sales engine. There’s a wealth of information hidden within your existing data. Machine learning allows you to fully harness this data, finding complex patterns and trends, that creates precise lead prioritization to maximize your conversion rates.

Coworker AI example

Predictions in your CRM

Integrate AI-powered predictions directly into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This enables your teams to focus on the most promising opportunities, reducing time and financial investments in less likely prospects. Access to real-time scoring empowers your sales and revenue teams to operate with unprecedented efficiency.

Coworker AI example

AI that’s always improving

Each successful conversion provides valuable insights. Infer leverages this accumulating data to regularly update your models, to ensure that your sales tactics are always informed by the most current data. Adapt swiftly to market dynamics with an ever-evolving approach to lead scoring.

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