Understand & optimize your KPIs with AI. Find & prevent underperforming metrics with predictive AI that integrates with your day-to-day operations.

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To enable our mission of making AI accessible to any business, we have partnered with Microsoft, a world-leader in the modern AI era. Microsoft Azure users will find it even easier to integrate their systems with Infer. Find us on the Azure Marketplace.

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For Business Leaders

Turn your data investment into real dollars with our AI & GenAI solutions

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For Data Teams

Enable your team to do more with less using AI

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What our users say:

“Through predictive lead scoring, Infer has helped us to reduce our sales cycle by one week per deal, leading to a saving of over $100k per annum.”

Nick Osborne,

Head of BI & Data


“The infer tool is amazing - with a single SQL line you can create an entire bespoke machine learning model.”

Irina Ioana Brudaru,

Head of Data & Strategy

ELEMENT, ex-Google

“Infer's capabilities are priceless for any analyst, really unique and easy to use tool.”

Simon Landsman,

Principal Product Analyst

Elsevier, ex-Meta


We integrate with most major data connectors. Each integrations allows you to both read and write to the data source.

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