Always-on Marketing Intelligence for Data-Driven Marketers.

Stop guessing your next marketing move. Infer combines all your data to identify high ROAS campaigns, find demographic & behavioural insights that drive lead conversion, and optimize your budget allocation for every channel.

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Predict and optimize your marketing strategy

As your Marketing operations expand you end up with more tools, more data, and more confusion than ever before. Infer guides marketing leaders to the insights that matter most to maximize ROI with data-driven attribution.

See the future of your marketing campaigns

Infer applies decades of data science expertise to your marketing forecasts for improved ROAS. By analyzing your historical, demographic, behavioral, and campaign-level data, you’ll know which initiatives are at risk and how to optimize them.

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Stay ahead with real-time insights

No more wondering what caused a change in conversion rate or campaign performance. Our decades of machine learning expertise uncover the "why" behind every key metric, instantly empowering you with real-time insights for decisive action.

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Not all marketing efforts yield the same result

Infer’s advanced ML dives deep into your data, identifies patterns in your marketing strategies and allocates your budget based on the most effective channels in real-time. Say goodbye to wasted resources on low-performing initiatives. With our Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), your budget is strategically distributed to maximize ROI.

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See how Infer could work for you

Infer is a versatile software that can be adapted to many roles. Explore some common use cases below.


Optimize your Sales Funnel

Create a custom AI-powered forecast that operates directly in your CRM. See which prospects are most likely to convert, when, and for how much, so that your SDRs and AEs know which prospects to prioritize.


Explainable Sales KPIs for real-time decision making

Get notified when your key metrics like Revenue and Conversion Rates are going up or down, and understand the root cause of those changes, so you can make changes in real time.

“Through predictive lead scoring, Infer has helped us to reduce our sales cycle by one week per deal, leading to a saving of over $100k per annum.”

Nick Osborne - Head of BI & Data


“The infer tool is amazing - with a single SQL line you can create an entire bespoke machine learning model.”

Irina Ioana Brudaru - Head of Data & Strategy


“Infer's capabilities are priceless for any analyst, really unique and easy to use tool.”

Simon Landsman - Principal Product Analyst

Elsevier, ex-Meta

Infer integrates with most major data connectors

Each integration allows you to both read and write to the data source.









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