AI Lead scoring for HubSpot

Infer can help you prioritise leads automatically, ensuring that sales reps focus on the most promising prospects first. By identifying leads most likely to convert, Infer enhances sales efficiency and effectiveness for your business.

For example, Bob's business receives leads from multiple channels, including marketing campaigns, the company website, and sales representatives. Within his system (such as HubSpot, Salesforce, Excel, etc.), there are thousands of leads, each containing details like name, title, company, location, and the originating source.

Customer IDJob titleCompanyLocationLead sourceis closed
2921356744VP of PeopleLucero PLCMontanaSocial Media1
1602022356Head of SalesHenry-ObrienOregonEmail0
2506594407Head of MarketingPatterson-AdamsIowaWeb0

Infer provides a probability score for each lead, indicating their likelihood of conversion on a scale from 0 to 100%. We are going to use Infer to calculate predictive lead scores on our leads and feed them back into our system.

Product screenshot

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