Our mission is to to fundamentally change what companies can achieve with their data. To do this, we are building revolutionary tools that help people use AI to optimize their business, without needing a PhD.

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Founder Story

Co-founders Erik Arne Mathiesen-Dreyfus, a data leader and two-time founder with a math PhD, and Ryan Garland, a seasoned data scientist with an astrophysics PhD, saw businesses struggling to use their data effectively. They identified two major blockers: knowledge of AI and the tools to enable.
Their goal was simple: "What if we could make it easier to use AI to solve business problems, without needing a PhD?."

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We’re a team of data practitioners, engineers and designers. We’re on a mission to build a new generation of data tools and change the way companies interact with their data.

But more than that, we are obsessed with building the best possible product. We believe in staying hungry, and providing every member of our team with the opportunity to take ownership and initiative in the work that we do every day.

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We're builders, enhancers, inventors: we are changing the way companies interact with and understand their data.

If that is your vibe, come join us!
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