How it works

Connect to all your data sources, explore your data to find deep insights, then send smart predictions to the systems that you use every day. Measure the impact on the metrics that matter most to you.

Tech diagram of how it works
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Connect your data easily & securely, wherever it lives - your favourite CRM, data warehouse, or even CSV. The more data you connect, the smarter your predictions become.

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Explore AI use cases that are bespoke to your business - enabled by Generative AI suggestions. Get deep insights about your use case summarised into data stories that you can easily share.

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Create predictive models in minutes, not months. Optimize your business processes by scheduling a predictive pipeline that runs every hour on your latest data. Write AI-powered predictions directly into your operational systems for maximum impact.

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We integrate directly with your operational systems so you can act on smart predictions with ease.

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Measure the impact of implementing AI on the key metrics of your business with ease - we make it obvious what is changing, by how much, and why.