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11-04-2024|Liam Wilson|3 minute read

Ever heard AI is the next big thing for businesses? It's true! Studies show companies using customer insights powered by AI outperform competitors by a whopping 85% in sales growth and 25% in profit margins ‐ McKinsey

But where do you even begin? You're drowning in data, bombarded with new AI solutions every month, and unsure which path to take.

That's why we built Infer. Forget the expensive consultants and the cloud giants obsessed with cloud consumption. Infer makes AI accessible to everyone.

Tired of These Two Approaches to AI?

  1. The Consultant Trap: Ever hired a fancy consulting firm to map your AI strategy? Months of meetings later, you end up with a vague plan and a pilot project that saves a few measly hours a week. Consultants win, you lose.
  2. The Cloud Provider Runaround: Maybe you turn to the cloud giants for help. They'll tell you your data isn't "cloud-ready" and push you towards expensive solutions you may not even need. More waiting, more costs, and still no real progress.

Introducing Infer: Explore, Predict, Measure

We started Infer because we saw a better way. Our platform empowers anyone (no PhD required!) to unlock the power of AI in their data.

Here's how it works:

  • Explore: Connect your data (don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfect) or upload a CSV file. Infer scans it and reveals how AI can be used to drive growth and efficiency. Imagine getting actionable insights in minutes, not months.
  • Predict: (Blog Coming Soon!) Go beyond exploration and put these insights into the hands of the people in your organisation that can take action on them; and inside the systems they use (e.g. your CRM)
  • Measure: (Blog Coming Soon!) Track your most important KPIs using our AI and understand what is causing these to change.

Infer Explore gets you started. Within minutes, you'll have a clear picture of where AI can benefit your business. No consultants, no data lakes or even as it was once described to us, a data puddle, just powerful insights at your fingertips.

Ready to ditch the old ways and embrace AI?

Infer offers a simple subscription plan that's easy on the old AI budget with a built in period to prove value.

Contact us today and see how Infer can help your business take flight!

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