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How Ready is Your Data For AI?

27-03-2024|Liam Wilson|3 minute read

We hear this all the time on LinkedIn, in customer calls and at events: "My data isn't ready for AI."

Look, we get it. The dream of perfectly clean, meticulously organised data warehouses might seem like a prerequisite for diving into the world of AI. But guess what? That dream can stay exactly that – a dream.

Here's the truth bomb you need to hear:

Not all AI is created equal. Sure, real-time decision-making like loan approvals needs top-notch data hygiene. But for generating insights in sales, marketing, product development, and more? Your data is probably more ready than you think.

Data doesn't live in a magical unicorn land. We get it. Your data might be scattered across spreadsheets, CRMs, and marketing platforms. The good news? Infer can handle it all. We work with your data wherever it lives, because let's be honest, wrangling data into a single location can be a never-ending (and frankly, soul-crushing) task.

Life throws data curveballs. Nulls, NaNs, weird formatting – it happens. But fear not. Infer is built to handle these real-world data issues. We won't throw a fit if a few entries are missing or a column got a little funky.

So, ditch the data perfectionism and get ready to unlock the power of AI!

Infer makes AI accessible to everyone, no PhD in data science required. Just dust off your trusty SQL skills, grab your data (wherever it may be!), and harness the power of AI today.

We think AI can be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. It can help you predict customer behaviour, identify sales opportunities, and optimize your marketing campaigns.

But the biggest hurdle for many companies is the misconception that their data isn't good enough. We're here to tell you that's simply not true. Infer can empower you to leverage the power of AI, even with your "imperfect" data.

Ready to stop sweating perfect data and start getting real-world insights? Check out Infer and see how we can help you in a matter of minutes & days, not months & years!

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