Lead Scoring in 60 Seconds with Infer

24-07-2023|Liam Wilson|3 minute read

Sales teams are constantly bombarded with leads, but not all leads are created equal. Lead scoring is a critical technique that helps prioritise leads based on their likelihood to convert into paying customers.

Imagine having a system that identifies your most promising leads using AI, allowing your sales team to focus their energy and resources where they'll have the biggest impact. That's the power of predictive lead scoring with Infer.

Why Do Sales Teams Need Lead Scoring?

  • Prioritise Leads: Lead scoring helps you identify the hottest leads, so your sales team can spend more time closing deals and less time chasing down unqualified prospects.
  • Improved Efficiency: Focus on the leads most likely to convert, maximising your sales team's productivity.
  • Better Resource Allocation: Allocate marketing budget and resources towards high-scoring leads for a greater return on investment.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Move away from gut instinct and base your sales strategy on concrete data insights.

Infer: Effortless Lead Scoring for Everyone

Traditionally, building lead scoring models can be complex and require specialised data science skills. But with Infer, that's a thing of the past. Our platform empowers anyone to build powerful lead scoring models without the need to know how to write Python code or anything to do with machine learning.

The accompanying video takes you on a step-by-step journey of building a predictive lead scoring model using Infer. We'll show you how to connect your data; build a predictive model using SQL; and explain what the key factors that drive successful lead conversions and what impacts them. This actionable insight empowers you to refine your sales & marketing strategy, doubling down on what works and discarding what doesn’t.

By understanding what makes a lead successful, you can:

  • Attract higher quality leads: Focus your marketing efforts on the types of leads who are most likely to convert.
  • Nurture leads more effectively: Tailor your communication and outreach based on individual lead scores, providing a more personalised experience.
  • Improve sales conversations: Equip your sales team with the insights they need to close deals faster and more efficiently.

Stop wasting time and resources on unqualified leads! Watch the embedded video below and discover how Infer's user-friendly platform can help you build a powerful lead scoring model and transform your sales pipeline for good.

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