AI for RevOps

13-05-2024|Liam Wilson|2 minute read

RevOps, Get Ready to Supercharge Your HubSpot with Infer's AI-Powered Insights

HubSpot is a powerhouse for managing your sales funnel, but what if you could extract even richer insights from your customer data without ever leaving the platform?

Introducing Infer, the AI-powered solution that seamlessly integrates with HubSpot. Infer analyses your CRM data to uncover critical trends and customer behaviour patterns, helping you answer questions like:

  • Why are customers churning?
  • Which leads are most likely to convert?
  • What revenue figure will we actually hit this month?

Infer goes beyond basic analytics. It leverages advanced data science to identify these crucial patterns and deliver actionable insights that fuel your go-to-market strategy.

Here's how Infer empowers RevOps professionals using HubSpot:

  • Unmask the Churn Mystery: Infer analyses customer behaviour to pinpoint the root causes of churn, enabling you to implement targeted retention strategies.
  • Identify High-Value Leads: Predict which leads are most likely to convert, allowing you to prioritise your sales efforts and maximise ROI.
  • AI-Powered Forecasting: Ditch gut feeling and intuition. Use Infer's AI-powered forecasting to deliver numbers to your senior management team with confidence.

All this with just a few clicks.

Infer's user-friendly interface integrates seamlessly with HubSpot, making it easy for RevOps professionals to leverage the power of AI without any need for a PhD or background in Data Science.

Ready to take your HubSpot game to the next level? Get in touch for a demo!

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