Data stories are here!

05-04-2024|Richard Heritage|3 minute read

We’ve all been there. You’ve dug into your data and found some great insights. Now is your time to shine and share the great work you’ve done with the business stakeholders. But to do this, you either have to share screenshots of graphs, or, you present directly from the platform, having to navigate all the other bits of irrelevant information.

Now, there is a better way. Introducing data stories

This feature allows you to collate only the most important graphs and insights into one presentation, or story, and walk through with your stakeholders.

Unlike using screenshots, which just take a static image, these graphs remain fully interactive, allowing you to bring your insights to life. Discuss predictive trends within churn analysis or ways to optimize your on-time deliveries. Sharing your great work and looking like an absolute data champion has never been easier.

Check out our video below to see how data stories can work for you

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